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ICBC Examiners’ tips

Here are some tips from driver examiners on how to prepare to pass these tests:

• Keep to posted speed limits. Do not keep up to speeding traffic

• Watch for school zones and playgrounds. Speeding through school zones and playgrounds is a common reason for drivers to fail their test

• Make full stops for stop signs, and stop in the correct position. When it is safe to move out, pull out slowly, scanning the intersection

• When turning right, shoulder check to the right to ensure there are no cyclists, pedestrians or other road users heading straight through the intersection (and therefore into your path)

• Practice all the maneuvers you may be asked to do as part of your road test, including parallel parking, parking on hills, and 2- and 3-point turns

• Mirror check and shoulder check whenever you change lanes or direction

• Keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

• Scan intersections before driving through, even if the light is green when you approach.

• Develop the habit of looking for potential hazards. Study the list of hazardous situations in the RoadSense for Drivers manual and call them out to the examiner during the hazard perception part of the road test. For example, many drivers have failed to call out blind driveways during their tests.


Ocean Park Driving School uses the M.I.S.T.™ principle when making turns!

M irror (check all mirrors)

 I  ndicator (turn on signal light letting everyone know what you are planning to do)

S houlder Check (is there someone next to you tha you didn't see during the mirror check)

T urn (watch for oncoming traffic and turn when safe to do so)

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