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I’m Jacob, I recently just got my N drivers license, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Aubrey as my teacher. He was super helpful and taught me everything I needed to know. ~ March 2024

Aubrey was very good and gave me lots of details to help me succeed and pass with flying colours. He took the time and gave me tons of great advice to be a safe driver. Thank you so much! ~ March 2024

We would like to compliment and thank Ava’s driving instructor, Aubrey.  She attended Surrey DL for her road test and was very well prepared. She had zero demerits and received a compliment “brilliant work” from the examiner.  We are thankful the Ocean Park Driving for teaching both of our kids, both kids passed first time and with no demerits.  A job well done!! ~ March 2024

Ocean Park Driving School recommended Gord as a Driving Instructor for my (shy and anxious) 17 year old daughter and he was amazing. He made her feel at ease from day one and she was very excited about going for her lessons every time. He was punctual, professional and patient. Gord boosted her confidence with every lesson and his reminders and corrections were always constructive.  She passed her test at the first attempt and truly enjoyed her "learn to drive" experience thanks to Gord. ~ March 2024

My husband and I would like to send out a big Thank You to Aubrey, Matthijs’ driving instructor.  He gave Thijs the proper introduction and instruction on learning to drive behind the wheel, safely and efficiently. Aubrey was always on time and was always in contact with Thijs to keep him informed of anything that came up. This shows honest dedication to a student. We are very proud of Matthijs for passing his road test with no demerits.  This was possible because of Aubrey’s calm and patient teaching style. Thank you again to Aubrey for all of your hard work and to the folks of Ocean Park Driving School. ~ February 2024
I genuinely don’t have enough good things to say about Aubrey. From the very first day, I knew I was lucky to have him as my instructor. Fast forward a few months and I passed on my first try! He is a master of his craft, always evolving his practice, and what I most appreciate about him is the true passion he has for his work. He always said to me, “your success is my success”. Aubrey goes above and beyond to make sure you are prepared in every way for your road test and most importantly, that you become a safe, knowledgeable driver. All that he taught me quickly became muscle memory and the hours of practice and work we did together was confidence inspiring. I would absolutely recommend to everyone that they take lessons from Aubrey. He is an amazing person/teacher and I’m definitely going to miss our chats! ~ February 2024
Where do I even start, Aubrey’s passion for teaching and the connection he builds with his students is absolutely incredible. It was an awesome journey from day 1 and if I hadn’t passed my N test I would again request only Aubrey. He makes driving a fun and enjoyable experience although it can be stressful at times, his mastery of the textbook and rules makes him the ultimate instructor. I recommend Aubrey to everyone who is trying to pass their tests he truly is amazing and an outstanding teacher/person. ~ February 2024
Hi there! I just wanted to write about the driving test I had today after having taken lessons with Aubrey.
I passed with no issues, and Aubrey really helped with the entire process! The instructions he gave during lessons were clear and concise, and it really helped me build confidence coming up to the actual test date. Everything on the driving test was something we went over together during lessons, and as a result, I was calm throughout the whole thing, with the test finishing easily without problems.
Thank you again! ~ January 2024
Thank you Gord for everything you have taught me, I passed my N drivers license yesterday first try. Gord always has something positive he can say to help motivate you to continue driving. Also, he has so many jokes to keep you engaged, which made driving a lot more fun, rather than stressful. With his tips I was able to pass the test with ease, making me grateful that my grandad gave me the opportunity to have lessons with OPDS. ~ January 2024

Aubrey’s passion and knowledge combined, created a very motivating and safe atmosphere for me to get better at the way I drive.

There were times in my lessons and on my road test where I wasn’t so sure if I would succeed or that I’m doing well enough, but Aubrey made sure to let me know about my strengths while also teaching me to do better or avoid my weaknesses through great explanations.

There was never a moment in my lessons where Aubrey didn’t make himself 100% clear in what he expected or that I didn’t understand what he wanted to teach me.

Aubrey is also a very outgoing person that you can always talk to and ask questions. If you have Aubrey as an instructor, I can guarantee that he will uplift you and your confidence. (Thank you for helping me pass my N test on the first try!) ~ January 2024

Hi there,
I passed my road test today, and wanted to take the time to share a testimonial for Aubrey as he was truly above and beyond what I expected. Here it is: 

I can't rave enough about my experience with Aubrey as my driving instructor (in fact, my family and friends are used to hearing it!). After a dreadful time with a previous instructor from a different school who left me feeling discouraged and hopeless, Aubrey completely turned things around.

Aubrey is not just a driving instructor; he's a true master of his craft. His passion for teaching is infectious, and his commitment to excellence is unparalleled. From the get-go, I felt a level of comfort and excitement that I never thought possible while learning to drive.

What makes Aubrey stand out is his genuine care for his students. He didn't just teach me the basics; he instilled in me a level of confidence and skill that goes beyond the norm. I actually found myself looking forward to our lessons because of his positive and encouraging approach! Something I never thought I would say as I had been putting off learning to drive for 6 years due to fear.

Thanks to Aubrey, I not only passed my driving test on the first try, but also have become a safer and more confident driver overall. If you're on the fence or feeling nervous about driving, do yourself a favor and go with Aubrey. You won't find a more supportive and skilled instructor. He was just as excited as I was when I passed! ~ January 2024

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Aubrey for helping me pass my driving test. I failed 3 times and was very anxious but passed immediately after his lessons.

Keep up the good work! ~ November 2023

I passed my N road test today on the first attempt and I am so happy that the valuable skills learned in the lessons paid off. A special thanks to Aubrey for being super persistent in everything he taught me, I couldn’t ask for a better instructor. ~ November 2023

I don't usually give reviews on instructors but my experience with Aubrey as my instructor was so good that it would be an injustice not to. Aubrey was unbelievably helpful in his lessons. He was very knowledgeable and kind in his lessons. It is certainly pessimistic, but I don't know if I would have passed my Class 5 test today if it were not for Aubrey helping me out in the two lessons that we had. He has taught me new ways to parallel park and river stall park that I will be using for years to come. If I know of anyone who is planning to take lessons with you all, I will be sure to recommend Aubrey. Tell him that I say thank you for his help and thank you Ocean Park Driving School! ~ November 2023

Aubrey was an excellent driving instructor. He gave great pointers and tips. I would highly recommend Aubrey as your driving instructor. ~ November 2023

I passed my test last week and got my license on the first try! Gord was my instructor and I’m so glad he was. I looked forward to my lessons because I knew I was going to learn something new every time. He explained things thoroughly and was really good at explaining the rules of the road. I never felt worried to ask questions. Gord was an amazing instructor and I would highly recommend him! 

Gord, thank you again for your guidance in making me a safe and better driver! ~ February 2023

Gord was a great instructor. He is very experienced, kind and knowledgeable. From the first lesson he was easily able to gauge my ability and help me go from there. He knew exactly what to tell me and what to teach me every lesson and was very encouraging throughout. Thanks Gord! ~ January 2023


My daughter just passed her drivers test today!  We are so thankful we choose Ocean Park Driving School to teach her to drive safely and confidently! 

We can’t say enough wonderful things about her instructor Liam!  She was very anxious to learn to drive but after her first driving lesson with Liam she felt so comfortable and at ease.  He was always punctual, professional and often gave us updates on her progress.  After every lesson, she would walk in the door with a big smile on her face and told us all that she learned and how reassuring Liam was with her.  He was so encouraging and built up her comfort level towards driving.  As her exam was approaching her anxiety increased but shared with us how calming Liam was as they drove to the test, which helped her walk into her exam with confidence and a clear mind.  We are so thankful that Liam was picked to be her instructor!  He made our experience at Ocean Park Driving School so positive and we will recommend your school to many others. ~ January 2023

My daughter has Nathan as an instructor and he is amazing! Totally gets her and the receptionist did a survey with me to assess my child’s personality and determine which instructor would be the best fit… I’d say it was bang on! I would definitely recommend Ocean Park to all of my friends (and I have already) and thumbs way up for Nathan. ~ March 2022

I just want to thank you and Ed for this amazing experience of learning, support, understanding & patience with Sheldyn & his driving instruction these past few months. It was unbelievable & gave us the piece of mind that Sheldyn was in good & safe hands. Ed was an unbelievable blessing for Sheldyn & he will always remember him and the bond they created of respect & a love for football too.

Again thanks for everything & we will definitely be using you guys when our second son comes up for the driving journey in a few years. ~ December 2021

Just wanted to say that Kiara passed her test on Monday so she is very happy.  Could you please pass on a big thank you to Dan from us?  As well, she took the test in our Tesla and it was no problem at all. ~ December 2021

Good news! Juliet got her N!!! We went over to Victoria last Tuesday and thankfully Juliet passed her test. It just occurred to me that I should let you know! She couldn’t have done it this soon without you. We are so thankful. It is such a big relief. I don’t know if Juliet is more happy or me.

Thank you for all the effort you put into getting Juliet through her Drivers Ed lessons. You have been an angel. ~ November 2021

The lesson was excellent. He was very impressed by Fred and felt he learned so much. I am hopeful to jump on some more cancellations. So let me know, we can be available with short notice.  Thank you for all your help! ~ November 2021

Noah passed his test with flying colours! Thanks for being so accommodating and providing great instruction. That is it for kids for us, but will be sure to recommend. ~ October 2021

Thank you so much to your team for enabling my daughter to pass her driving test and confidently drive on the streets on her own!  The package you provide with theory, practice lessons and coordinating the test dates was invaluable to me as a busy single parent.

Your office-based team are always so helpful and friendly it made such a difference if I ever needed to change a lesson or ask questions, and her driver, Dan trained her to become a competent and relaxed driver.

Thank you, what you provide is important in our community.

Many thanks from your student Nicola and me! ~ September 2021

I just wanted to say that Lucas passed his road test in Victoria!

Big thank you to Fareeha and Dan!!! ~ July 2021

Victor and I would love to thank you and Dave for the successful experience!!!

Victor passed the driving test and he asked me to send his appreciations to his instructor! He said that without him it would be impossible!

Thank you all of your great teaching, preparing young people to be aware, share the road and respect it!!! 

Stay healthy and enjoy the summer! ~ July 2021

It’s Andy, Georgia’s dad.

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Ocean Park driving school, Georgia passed her test on Tuesday and is our last child to go through this driving adventure.

Both our older boys went through your school and I just wanted to say how professional everyone has been and that you do a fantastic job organizing the show!

I believe the boys had David and Georgia was with Kim, both top notch instructors who have prepared all out children now for this crazy world on the road.

Huge thanks from the Hunter household! ~ July 2021

Just writing to pass along a heartfelt thank you to your team (Fred). Sid felt very confident going for his driving test for N today and passed it on the first attempt. 

Thank you! ~ July 2021

Just wanted to let you know that Colton and Carmel both passed their N test. Thank you so much for assigning them such a nice teacher. They both really liked her and now their sister is also hoping to have her as her teacher when she starts her lessons next month. ~ July 2021

I wanted to thank you and Nathan for the wonderful experience that Luka had, learning to drive through OPDS.

He gained the skills, confidence and experience that he needed to take the next steps behind the wheel.  Nathan was an excellent teacher and always made Luka feel confident and comfortable before and after a lesson.

You went above and beyond to meet his family, work and school commitments and we appreciated the juggling of lesson dates and times. ~ July 2021

Just a quick note to say thank you to George and everyone at OP Driving school for getting our daughter Tyler through her N the first time round!

George was a fabulous teacher - Tyler really looked forward to her lessons with him and I think she will miss their chats!

Please pass on our thanks to George this has been a really positive experience all round and we are very grateful. ~ July 2021

We are very excited. He wanted Ed the instructor to know as well. He really enjoyed him. You guys are great! ~ June 2021

Good news. Brandon passed the test from L to N license today.  Please pass along our big thank you to his instructor, Ed who did a fantastic job. 

Thanks to Ocean Park Driving School for giving my son a good driving experience. ~ June 2021

Hello Kim and OPDS,

You both are amazing and wanted to say how thankful we are that you’re in our community! We’ve seen Julia’s confidence blossom since she enrolled in your driving school. 

Seems like instructor Kim has just the right personality to work with teens — patient, and instilling words of affirmation yet reiterating the seriousness and responsibility of being a safe driver.

All 3 of our kids have now been in your driving school and I’ve got to say you’ve really made an impact! Julia came home today feeling so excited to show us her new skills parallel parking. She really looks forward to her lessons each week, and was actually disappointed her next one isn’t for two weeks!

Anyway, great job! Thank you. What you do is so important. You’re making a big difference in the lives of young people. ❤️ ~ April 2021

Hi Kim,

Thanks so much for teaching both Katie and Scott all of the many detailed skills for safe driving. Scott is thrilled he passed today and his dad and I feel better knowing that he had such a good start with you. ~ April 2021

Hello. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to your Driving School and in particular your instructor Dave for working with my grandson Mike Hall to obtain his N. David was a good match for my grandson. He was patient, positive and professional in his dealings with Mike. I would highly recommend your services to beginning drivers. ~ Sept 2020

Our family was very pleased that our son passed his driving test from the first time (as well as our daughter).

We thank Dan for well instructed driving lessons. ~ November 2020

I just wanted to email you and tell you I passed my road test! I just wanted to thank you for always being so organized and prompt with my appointments, and a huge thank you to Dan for being such a great teacher. He made me feel very confident and I feel like the passing had to do a lot with him and his teaching ways! Thank you again so much. ~ October 2020

Please pass onto George how grateful we are for his time and effort with our son. Your business runs like a well oiled machine and our family is so thankful. Expect another family member next February! ~ January 2020

We are so happy and grateful that we chose Ocean Park Driving School.

Our daughter passed her road test today.  George K. was a fantastic instructor.

As a parent, I feel not only did George get her ready for the test itself but he also prepared her for safe driving long after the test day comes and goes.  As a student, our daughter was comfortable with George and his style being calm, knowledgeable, caring and fun.

I cannot say enough how happy we are with the service and the quality of instruction.

We now have a safe and competent new driver thanks to Ocean Park Driving School.

Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are. ~ October 2019

After passing my road test yesterday, I just wanted to reach out to say thanks to the office staff at the school. I really appreciate how accommodating you were when I needed to reschedule classes, as well as your efforts to find me another road test, after I failed my first one in December. George was a great instructor as well. So, once again, thanks very much! ~ March 2019

I have recently finished my 3 hours of training with George.  He's a great communicator,  giving feedback in a positive way while still getting his corrections across,  You are lucky to have such a great employee.  Thank You ~ January 2019

Troy’s Mom and I would just like to say thank you for helping him to be successful on his driving test. It went so smoothly. Troy has nothing but good things to say about his lessons as do I about how flexible you were with scheduling the sessions and of course the help with booking an earlier test time. That was above and beyond!

Thanks again for everything and if you ever need an advertising reference we’d be more than happy to speak Ocean Park’s praises! ~ September 2018

Catherine passed her N test yesterday at ICBC Willowbrook location.

A huge thank you to the team at Ocean Park for all your help and support!!!

Signed happy momma! ~ May 2018

My sister just let me know that my dad has passed his exam and his license has been reinstated. We are all ecstatic that he's passed.

Thank you so much for your help and support with his lessons. You've been really wonderful to deal with. Please thank Kim for me as well. ~ March 2018

Just a little note to say THANK YOU for your awesome service and help.  We are very grateful that you went out of your way to make this happen for my family and I.

Douglas was an excellent tutor and instructor with so many years of experience, and prepared me so well to get my license on my first attempt.

My wife will get her knowledge tested completed within the next 2 weeks and then we will be using Ocean Park Driving School again. ~ October 2017

Just want to let you know that I passed my class 5 road test today! Thanks again for all your help, and I really appreciated having the 2 hour lesson with Doug as practice. ~ August 2017

I want to write a quick note saying thank you very much for your professional and kind attitude throughout Hanna's driving lessons. You and David made this experience positive and we are very happy Hanna passed on her first try. Keep up your excellent customer service. ~ August 2017

I took some lessons with David and have been meaning to call but I haven't had the time whatsoever, school has been busy for me. I'm happy to say I passed my exam in Langley and now have my Novice license! I thank David for all his tips and pointers that helped me pass the exam, and am honestly so happy to finally be able to go on relaxing drives as well. ~ June 2017

Doug, Shawn and George,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you immensely for instructing me on driving over the last few months. Under your guidance and advice, I learned so much and I was able to pass my N test! I really enjoyed being a part of Ocean Park Driving. Thank you so much! ~ July 2016

Please pass our thanks on to George and Shawn for their work with Janina Ritzen (3 lessons each).

She passed her N Road Test in Kamloops and is a very happy girl :)

Greatly appreciate your assistance too, Cindy.  Juggling schedules etc. so she could get in another set of 3 lessons before her exam in Kamploops made all the difference and gave her the confidence and skills she needed to pass.   Know it is  a crazy busy time of year for you and going the extra mile for us did not go unnoticed. 

Thanks for everything.  Will bring my son in next year before his exam ;)

Have a great week! ~ July 2016

I wanted to thank you and your staff for a great experience with all three of our children.  You were always professional and helpful and, obviously, did a successful job as all three passed their "N" on the first test.  

You were always so cheerful and interested on the phone it was a pleasure talking with you.

I always recommend you when people are asking about driving schools.

Many Thanks ~ September 2016

We would like to thank David so very much for instructing our son Braden through his successful driving test!  It’s such an important step in his life, and we are thrilled for him to have succeeded in passing it with such flying colours.

With much appreciation! ~ April 2016

We thought the class was excellent and just the right amount of time. It was great learning about what is going to happen on the road test.

We also just wanted to say thanks so much for pairing Cheyenne up with Patricia, she is such a caring and great instructor!!! ~ April 2016

Just wanted to say a big "thank you" to Patricia for the awesome driving teaching she did with Bailey who passed her test last Thursday!! It is our second child through the lessons and we are so thrilled with the way Patricia prepares the kids. The next Mothe kid turns 16 in August....so we will be contacting you soon again :) ~ February 2016

It is a good exercise for anyone to take your refresher course, it is safe driving and I highly recommend it to my fellow senior drivers any time. Patricia is an outstanding teacher and delightful young women who cares about her pupils.

Thank you both so much." ~ January 2015

Just wanted to let the school and Shawn know that I passed my driving test! Thank you to Shawn for the helpful tips on parallel and reverse-stall parking. ~ January 2015

Just wanted you to know that Taylor has come back from her lesson with Patricia very excited and chatty, wanting to tell us everything about her lesson and report card. She feels she learned alot.

Thank you to Patricia for giving Taylor such a positive experience.  ~ November 2014

I would like to say a big thank you for organizing and making this experience so wonderful for Hanako. Your recommendation was perfect and Doug was an amazing instructor.

Thank you very much again.  ~ September 2014

Shawn has been just awesome with my son, Luke. His confidence behind the wheel after just one lesson was palpable.  ~ August 2014

Thank you very much for teaching me how to drive safely and providing me the confidence to pass my first driving test! It feels so good to finally be independant by being able to drive myself to and from school and to not have to rely on other means of transport. ☺ ~ February 2013

As parents, we are very greatful.  You saved us from having to deal with all of the stress of a new driver.  We hope to meet you again when our next daughter is ready to go (you better by around in 3 years!) HAHA.  All in All a very positive experience for all  of us

Thank you so much for being an amazing driving instructor.  You were really nice and I learnt so much about safe driving! I couldn't have passed the road test without you!! ~ February 2012

Thanks for all your work in getting our son through the hoops of driver training.  We were so thrilled that he passed and he really enjoyed Kim’s company because they could talk about sports the whole time (which is pretty important to our son!)

We felt very relieved tonight and had a little family celebration.  Thanks again, and we’ll be sure to recommend you guys to anyone who is looking or asking.  Now we don’t have to be attached at the hip to every single activity that our son has, and so getting his “N” today is as much of an accomplishment for our own lives and sanity as it is an accomplishment for our son.  Hooorayy!  ~ January 2012 

I think that maybe for the average 16 year old, learning to drive is just another thing to do.  For a 37 year old woman full of driving fear, its a HUGE, HUGE deal.  I was paralyzed by fear and it kept me from living a much more mobile/free life.  I think you were just the right amount of instructor/psychologist/listener.  I will be forever grateful for your humor, teasing ways and general kindness because it made overcoming this fear a walk in the park. ~ March 2011 

I want to thank both of you for helping my kids get their drivers license.  And more importantly become safe drivers.  As a parent, I believe we should equip our children with the tools to excel in the world.  And driving is mandatory in the world today.  So thanks for helping me help them to succeed ~ September 2010

Thank you so much for everything that you did to help me get my N.  I really appreciate everything and enjoyed all the lessons I had with you.  Take care and good luck with all of your lessons in the future! ~ August 2010

Thank you so much for helping me prepare for my test!  It has been a fun year of lessons.  You might think I'm partly insane by now but I am still grateful for all of your help and tolerence ~ August 2010

Thank you for teaching me "the ways" of a safe and defensive driver while preparing me for my "N" test.  I learned so much, gained confidence on the road and had a good time doing so! ~ March 2010



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